Investment approach

Investment approach

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smartinvest3 We follow the top-down investing approach that involves holistic analysis of the economy and the financial world. The approach of top down analysis has ensured optimized asset allocation, well-orchestrated sector rotation based on periodic economic review, careful stock picking based on fundamental analysis, superior investment timing and market intelligence. Our proprietary investment process includes thorough and careful identification and evaluation of 40-80 factors for each industry and company. These factors facilitate our determination of undervalued as well as overvalued companies. These methodologies are consistent with the team’s views on the certain critical forward looking factors which will include but will not be limited to the overall Macro Economic Analysis, Industry Analysis, Issuer Analysis and a Proprietary Valuation Process. This process allows us to analyze and cover a large universe of securities leveraging a unique but dynamic investment process that is not only efficient but scalable. As a result since inception, LR Global funds generated superior risk-adjusted return compared to the benchmark broader stock market index, the Dhaka Stock Exchange Index (DSI) and its low beta portfolio experienced significantly less volatility to the benchmark.

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Investment Philosophy

At the core of our investment philosophy is the belief that attractive and consistent levels of excess returns and alpha can only be generated by systematically and dynamically analyzing the underlying markets, formulating rational market views, and most importantly applying a robust investment process that include relevant macro economic trends, sector drivers, quality of the issuer, a disciplined risk management process and effective capital allocation.