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LR Global Bangladesh provides both capital as well as advisory services to private companies in Bangladesh.

The private market is one of our core strength in Bangladesh that we have continued to build upon, enhance and evolve. We aim to invest in high-quality businesses and create partnership with company management for long-term growth as well as with an objective to maximize return by bringing necessary and timely changes in financial, governance and operational resources. LR Global Bangladesh has consistently set new standards of achievements and records of accomplishments that distinguish us as a creative and innovative investor.

Equipped with our expertise, a dedicated private equity team is involved in exploring and evaluating potential companies seeking equity finance.

Our portfolio encompasses a number of industries such as retail, consumer products, healthcare, industrials, energy, financial services, and technology.

LR Global also invests its own capital alongside our investors for alignment of interests which has consistently helped us meet the expectations of our entrepreneurs, as well as generate superior returns for our investors.

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