Why invest with us?

Why invest with us?

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Long History and Tradition

We have a long history of deep and extensive experience in investments in frontier countries including Bangladesh.


Strong Global Track Record

With over 17 years of experience, we have a successful track record of equity investing in Frontier Markets. The countries and markets we have identified exemplify strong growth potential with low correlation to major market indices.


Our Experience in Bangladesh

Since our first investment in a Bangladeshi power generation company almost a decage ago, we have expanded our presence in the country. Today, LR Bangladesh Asset Management has total assets under management (including future mandates) worth USD 172mn (USD 120mn currently invested).


Robust Investment Process

Our investment process has been developed and refined by leveraging our experience in investing in developing markets. Our proprietary investment process includes thorough and careful identification and evaluation of 40-80 factors for each industry and company. These factors facilitate our determination of undervalued as well as overvalued companies. These methodologies are consistent with the team’s views on the certain critical forward looking factors which will include but will not be limited to the overall Macro Economic Analysis, Industry Analysis, Issuer Analysis and a Proprietary Valuation Process. This process allows us to analyze and cover a large universe of securities leveraging a unique but dynamic investment process that is not only efficient but also scalable.


Experienced Investment Team

Our distinct advantage includes leveraging our global as well as local investment teams. We have a highly experienced team of 25+ professionals in Bangladesh led by Reaz Islam, CEO of LR Global Bangladesh Asset Management Company.


Governance & Risk Management

We aspire to achieve the highest standards of commercial, ethical and professional conduct and work every day to earn and maintain our clients’ respect and trust. Accordingly, we have established various policies and procedures that govern our day to day responsibilities to our investors, employees and stakeholders. We also have an extensive investment due diligence as well as risk management process. All our employees are required to pledge to comply with the Policies and Procedures of the company.