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LR Global Bangladesh Asset Management (BAMCO) is an affiliate of LR Managers Investments, a United States (New York) based frontier market focused investment holding company with over 17 years of track record. LR Global Bangladesh is also the most experienced and only multinational asset management company in Bangladesh with a strong track record, and a dynamic team with strong local knowledge.


Since inception, a robust proprietary investment process has enabled our funds to generate superior risk-adjusted returns compared to the benchmark broader stock market index. Historically, we managed mutual funds that have substantially outperformed the benchmark with approximately half the volatility of the benchmark.

Investment Philosophy

At the core of our investment philosophy is the belief that attractive and consistent levels of excess returns and alpha can only be generated by systematically and dynamically analyzing the underlying markets, formulating rational market views, and most importantly applying a robust investment process that include relevant macro economic trends, sector drivers, quality of the issuer, a disciplined risk management process and effective capital allocation.