Mutual Fund

LR Global Bangladesh is the most experienced and the only multinational Asset Management Company in Bangladesh with a strong track-record and a dynamic team. Since inception, a robust proprietary investment process has enabled our funds to generate superior risk-adjusted returns compared to the return of the benchmark- broader stock market index.

Closed-end Funds

  Long-term vision

Closed-end funds have a fixed maturity period and the funds do not face any interruption of partial redemption before the redemption date. Such a steady asset base allows us to employ our long-term view to our asset allocation and security selection process fully. The consistent adherence to our proven investment methods over a longer horizon maximizes the return of our unitholders materially.

  Low Expense

Our long-term focused investment process leads to low portfolio turnover and minimal trading costs. The low expense ratio helps boost the return for our unitholders.

  Steady Income

Our unit holders enjoy steady cash flow from regular dividend disbursements. Historically, our prudent investment process enabled us to pay dividends in all market cycles.

  Benefit of Listing

Closed-end funds are easy to buy or sell. Investors can easily purchase units from public markets (Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange) and exercise all the benefits accessible through his/her brokerage account.

  Opportunity of Discount

Since numerous closed-end funds are currently trading at a price significantly lower than their Net Asset Value (NAV), investors can readily take advantage of this arbitrage opportunity. The investors can enhance their return potential by buying the assets of a fund for a price less than its worth.

Open-end Funds

  Buying and Selling

An open-end fund allows investors to have a great deal of flexibility regarding how and when to purchase units. Investors can buy or redeem (sell) units directly through the fund manager at all times.

  Price Stability

Investors can buy and sell units of open-end funds directly at a price per unit that is based on the value of the fund’s underlying securities. As a result, prices do not fluctuate as much as listed securities.


At the end of each trading day, the funds are repriced based on the total value of the fund or the Net Asset Value (NAV).