Successful investing is about managing your risk, not avoiding it

Successful investing is about managing your risk, not avoiding it

We help you build the bridge towards a secured financial future

We help you build the bridge towards a secured financial future

Let your dreams take flight with us

Start investing. It's never too late...

Let your dreams take flight with us

Start investing. It's never too late...

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Who We Are

Dear investors, sponsors, and partners,

Several years ago, we had identified Bangladesh as a strategic market with tremendous potential due to its rapid growth, its demographic edge, its resilient, efficient and fast developing labor force, its sound monetary and fiscal discipline, and its continued strong foreign remittance. Since our initial investment in Bangladesh Power Generation Company almost a decade ago, we have expanded our presence in Bangladesh, and as a foreign owned firm we have been awarded the first Asset Management License to serve local investors in Bangladesh and abroad.

We have a long history of investing in frontier countries. Our founding partners applied investment philosophy and a disciplined investment process that we plan to continue in Bangladesh today. We are known for the depth and breadth of our research. Our analysts focus on uncovering undervalued and undiscovered investment ideas for our clients by applying varied analytical approaches and by anticipating changes in companies, securities, sectors and investor sentiment. Since we take our fiduciary obligations very seriously, we have established and adopted various policies, which we believe will set new benchmarks in the investment management business in Bangladesh.

It is my distinct pleasure to lead our operations in Bangladesh. I am also very pleased by the quality, caliber and diverse background of the investment professionals we have attracted here, who will not only be dedicated to serve our investors, but also to materially contribute to our mission in Bangladesh and the broader investment community.

We look forward to working with you and serving your interests.


Reaz Islam

What We Do

Mutual Fund

A robust proprietary investment process has enabled our mutual funds to generate superior risk-adjusted returns compared to the return of the benchmark- broader stock market index

Managed Accounts

LR Global, with its experience and expertise, provides global standards of discretionary portfolio advisory service to institutional clients and high net-worth individuals


Know more about our investments

LRGB's Mutual FundsNAV at Market PricePrice PerformanceReturn*Cumulative Dividend paid (mn) Dividend disbursed as % of Initial Fund SizeCurrent Dividend YieldFund DocumentsFact Sheet
Funds' NameWeeklyHistory52-week rangeWeekly1-YR3-YR5-YRYTDSince InceptionBenchmark Return Since InceptionExcess Return over BenchmarkProspectusFinancial StatementsLatest
DBH1STMF10.646.20 - 9.100.09%11.18%-0.79%5.05%16.54%5.08%-0.80%5.83%667.255.60%11.11%5.13%-0.60%5.75%
GREENDELMF10.466.10 - 8.800.10%10.11%-1.50%5.37%14.57%3.07%-3.10%6.21%472.531.50%11.84%3.07%-3.10%6.14%
AIBL1STIMF10.806.30 - 10.000.09%10.32%2.17%5.08%14.41%4.66%-4.40%9.02%41541.50%8.89%4.65%-4.30%8.96%
MBL1STMF10.765.40 - 9.400.09%10.36%-0.90%5.42%15.45%4.35%-3.60%7.92%37037.00%10.00%4.38%-3.50%7.89%
LRGLOBMF110.795.40 - 8.400.09%11.17%-0.62%5.37%16.15%5.51%-1.90%7.41%1250.344.00%5.41%5.58%-1.80%7.37%
NCCBLMF111.245.20 - 11.90-0.09%15.05%0.34%5.21%20.60%6.29%0.50%5.76%43450.00%6.06%6.44%0.70%5.71%
NAV Index of All Fund as of November 26, 2020All figures as of November 26, 2020
NAV of All Fund as of November 26, 2020*All returns which represent more than one year returns are annualized.
Sponsor's Shareholding Status as of October, 2020
Shareholding Structure of Mutual Funds as of October, 2020

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